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Event Insurance Exhibition Benefits

CCW Global can provide event insurance plans which have been specifically designed to cover exhibitions, conferences and expos, and which are able to offer coverage benefits for Exhibitor Stands, All Risk Exhibition Damage, and even Till Protection.

Exhibition Insurance Benefits can be purchased on a tailored basis, with the policyholder normally able to choose which specific exhibition benefits to include in the plan’s protection.

Exhibitor Stand Coverage

If you are hosting an exhibition or conference with 3rdparty exhibitors, purchasing damage insurance on the exhibitor’s stands can be a very effective way of protecting yourself against any damages to the individual stands.

Under an exhibitor stand coverage benefit all equipment, computers, accessories, items affixed to the stand, and anything shown within the stand, can be insured against any accidental damage or destruction.

The exhibition organizer can purchase the exhibitor stand coverage on behalf of the exhibitors, as a form of umbrella protection for the entire exhibition, or they may allow the exhibitors to purchase the coverage benefit on an individual basis.

All Risk Exhibition Damage Coverage

All Risk Exhibition Damage Coverage can be thought of as a more comprehensive version of exhibitor stand coverage, in that the All-Risk benefit option will offer a much wider scope of coverage.

Under this type of exhibition insurance policy benefit any object exhibited in the exhibition, any work of art, jewellery, silverware or earthenware, or objects exhibited in a trade fair, craft market, or similar event, can be insured against accidental damage and destruction.

Under an All Risks Exhibition coverage benefit on an event insurance plan provided by CCW Global, organizers can ensure that they have the widest range of coverage possible – especially when this type of cover is purchased in addition to Exhibition Stand insurance, or with a Till Contents benefit.

All Risks Exhibition Damage coverage benefits will ensure that the exhibition is covered against accidental damage and destruction, burglary, theft, and short circuits during the exhibition setup, whilst the exhibition is ongoing, and during the dismantling of the exhibition.

Till Damage Insurance

A big risk associated with hosting an exhibition, conference, or fair can be found in relation to the events till and cash collection facilities.

CCW can provide event insurance plans which include Till Damage Insurance Benefits, covering the policyholder against loss of money following a theft with a personal attack on the individual responsible for the collection of entrance tickets. Additionally, the Till Damage benefit will also provide coverage for loss of receipts following a theft with personal attack outside the event location, and burglary of the till whilst it is in a safe for a maximum duration of 1 day.

A Till Coverage benefit will be in force during the event, and after the event when receipts are being transported to the bank outside of the event location.

Including a Till Damage benefit in an exhibition event insurance policy can be the perfect way to round off the coverage purchased for an expo, conference, or fair, and will ensure that the organizer has, in addition to the other exhibition coverage options available from CCW, the best protection available.

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