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CCW Global is able to offer a range of comprehensive Hong Kong Life Insurance Options from leading Hong Kong Life Insurance Companies.

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Types of Life Insurance

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Term Life Insurance

An HK Term Life Insurance plan will provide a beneficiary payment in the event that you die during a specific time frame. When you purchase a Term Life Insurance policy in Hong Kong you will select a length of time which the policy will be active for – often 5, 10, 20 or 30 years. If you die during the time which the policy is active then your dependents, or beneficiaries, will receive a lump sum payment.

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Sample Premium Tables

Please be advised that the below tables are in HK$ and are dependent on a clean, medically underwritten application. 

For more information about life insurance premiums in Hong Kong please click Hong Kong Life Insurance Premiums.

Premium Rate(10-Year Term) for Male, Non-Smoker
Premium Rate10 Year Term for Male Non Smoker
Premium Rate(25-Year Term) for Male, Non-Smoker
Premium Rate25 Year Term for Male Non Smoker

Important Note

It is important to understand that it is only your death during the Term of the Life policy which is covered under the plan. In the event that you die after the plan’s term has been completed then your named beneficiaries will not be entitled to a settlement.

Term Life insurance plans in Hong Kong will normally only provide death protection, and cannot usually be extended with additional benefits.

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Whole of Life Insurance in Hong Kong

Whole of Life Insurance in Hong Kong will protect you against your risk of dying unexpectedly over the course of your entire life. In the event of your death, this type of policy will provide a payout for your family or the named beneficiaries you have selected on your policy.

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Important Note

Aside from the lump sum settlement your dependents will receive in the event of your untimely demise, a Hong Kong Whole of Life insurance plan can normally be customized to include a range of additional coverage benefits, including Personal Accident, Disability Income, and even Savings options with guaranteed returns.

This makes a HK Whole of Life Insurance policy not only tool for ensuring that your dependents have the support they need after you are gone, but means that these types of plans can also help you save for your retirement or children’s college education. 

In the event that you ever cancel a Whole of Life Insurance policy in Hong Kong, many of this type of life insurance plan will have built up a cash value which you are entitled to receive when you close the coverage down.

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Group Life Insurance and Key Man Protection in Hong Kong

With Hong Kong being one of the world’s Finance Capitals the city constantly attracts new investment while growing home-grown corporations. However, in the event that key members of staff suddenly die, whether through sickness or an accident, a business can experience a number of challenges in trying to replace that employee.

Group Life Insurance and Key Man Protection Policies in Hong Kong from CCW are specifically designed to be a flexible solution against losing pivotal employees because of death. These policies will provide financial compensation in the event of a staff member’s untimely demise and will enable the business to cover the gaps of their loss and continue operations while trying to carry on without that individual.

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Multinational Conglomerates to Small Start-Up Ventures

From Multinational Conglomerates to Small Start-Up Ventures, CCW can provide customized Group Life Insurance and Key Man Protection products to ensure that your business is protected against the loss of a vital member of staff.

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Non-Traditional Hong Kong Life Insurance

CCW Global is able offer comprehensive advice on a range of flexible and innovative life insurance products which are suitable for modern day life. These non-traditional life products include plans for Universal Life Insurance and Annuity Products.

Additionally, while CCW Global does not offer investment linked life insurance products or MPF plans, we work with financial services partners who are able to provide advice on Pension products and investment linked life insurance plans. In collaboration with these partners CCW Global has provided information about these products on this website.

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Free Life Insurance Quotes in Hong Kong

If you would like to receive a free quote for Term Life, Whole of Life, or a Group Life Insurance plan in Hong Kong, simply complete the form on this page and provide as much detail as possible. Once we have received your request for a quotation comparing a range of leading life insurance options a CCW Global Life Insurance Broker will contact you to further discuss your needs.

You can learn more about this process by clicking Life Insurance Quotes.

Alternatively, please Contact Us to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with an expert advisor today. 


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