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Business and Office Contents Insurance in Hong Kong

CCW Global Insurance Brokers is able to provide a range of options to help your business ensure that you are comprehensively covered in the event of losses or theft of the office’s contents.

From Computers to Cash stored on location, a Business Contents Insurance plan in Hong Kong can make certain that the physical contents of your office are covered against a range of diverse risks.

Business Contents Insurance Coverage

Like a Home Contents Insurance policy, a Business and Office Contents Insurance policy in Hong Kong is designed to provide protection to the actual contents and items located in your business against theft and loss. This type of policy will also include protection for damage to any fixtures, fittings, furniture, or improvements which have been made by your business as a tenant leasing the office premises.

Office Contents Insurance in Hong Kong

Furthermore, an Office Contents insurance policy in Hong Kong will normally be able to provide “all risks” protection to your company’s business items ensuring that you are comprehensively protected against a diverse range of potential issues.

Business and Office Contents insurance plans in Hong Kong will normally include coverage against loss or theft for:

  • Business Machinery or Equipment
  • Portable Office Equipment outside your premises but within Hong Kong
  • Fixed Glass installations and Mirrors
  • Deeds, Documents, Cards, Tapes, Files, or Transparencies
  • Trading Samples
  • Stock located on premises
  • Employee’s personal possessions
  • Items and Contents temporarily removed from the Business premises
  • Damage to items and contents being moved by professional movers within Hong Kong
  • Loss or damage to company stock whilst in transit
  • Loss or damage to company computer systems and records
  • Removal of debris from company premises following a loss, damage, or theft event.

With the above illustrated coverage typically being offered by most Hong Kong insurance companies providing an Office Contents insurance policy, a plan of this type can be a robust solution to making certain that your business is fully protected against a range of risks which may otherwise severely impact the company’s operations.

Business Computer Insurance

However, in some instances it may be possible to obtain more expansive Hong Kong Business Contents insurance options offering extended coverage benefits. Expanded coverage benefits under a Hong Kong Business Contents policy will normally include protection for:

  • Damage to office contents during Alterations or Repairs
  • Architects and Surveyors fees for reinstatement of office premises
  • Damage to company signage
  • Damage to physical structure of premises following a theft event
  • Fire extinguishing expenses, including extinguishers and sprinkler systems
  • Rental relief following temporary closure of business premises
  • Damage to roller shutters and security gates

It is up to you as a business owner as to whether you would like to obtain a basic level of protection or purchase a Business and Office contents insurance policy which provides a more comprehensive level of coverage; you even have the option of ignoring this type of insurance entirely as there is no requirement for businesses in Hong Kong to purchase a plan of this sort.

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