About Us

CCW Global is one of Hong Kong’s leading insurance brokers working with a range of comprehensive Hong Kong insurance products.

About Us

We promise to always help support your needs and ensure that your policy is of the highest standards possible. From renewing your plan to submitting a claim, the expert advisors at CCW will help you to simplify your insurance.

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About Us

When you choose to request a quotation for a Hong Kong insurance policy from CCW you will always receive advice and recommendations which are specifically customized for your unique requirements.

CCW Global will only ever give you unbiased input as to the ability of any policy to adequately protect you, your loved ones or your employees.

Whether you request a quote for Car Insurance, Medical Insurance, or even Life Insurance, our handcrafted quote comparisons will easily allow you to compare all the leading options for the specific product you are interested in. Each and every quote comparison we produce is unique to a single request, giving you the security that your quote is specific to your exact needs and has not been created for another customer’s requirements.

Please click the link below for more information on our quotation process.

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Free Hong Kong Insurance Consultations

If you would like to receive a free quote for Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, or any of the other product lines we offer in Hong Kong, simply complete the short form on this page. One of our expert HK Insurance Brokers will then contact you with a detailed comparison of all the leading plans best suited to meet your exact needs.

You can also Contact Us to speak to one of our advisors about any questions you may have.

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