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Musical Instrument Event Insurance

CCW Global can provide comprehensive coverage for musical instruments under an event insurance policy.

Offering damage and destruction protection for all musical instruments, and their accessories, an event insurance policy which includes an instrument coverage benefit is the perfect solution to offset the risk of damage to important pieces of equipment for musical functions, including concerts, recitals, and sometimes weddings.

Musical Instrument Insurance Coverage

Under a Musical Instrument Coverage benefit on a Hong Kong Event Insurance plan, the event organizer is covered for any accidental damage or destruction, or any instances of burglary or theft with threat or deception, for all musical instruments used in the production.

Instruments covered under this type of event insurance benefit include:

  • Classical Instruments
  • Traditional Instruments
  • Electric and Electronic Instruments
  • Instrument Accessories
  • Instrument Spare Parts
  • Instrument Cases, including flight cases, special cases, or transportation boxes

The coverage offered to musical instruments under this optional benefit starts upon receipt of the instruments by the policyholder and remains in force for the entire duration of the event (set-up, performance, and dismantling), ending when the instruments are handed back over at the completion of the show.

Should the organizer or the band own the instruments then they are covered against the instruments accidental damage or destruction for their purchase value, minus a 0.5% monthly depreciation from the initial purchase date.

Should the organizer or band be renting the instruments being used for the show, or if the instruments are being provided on loan, then the insurance will pay out for the real value of the items following a loss from accidental damage or destruction.

It is important to note that existing damage to the instruments is not covered under this coverage benefit, nor is intentional damage to the instrument by the artists. As such, it should be understood by the artists that mirroring The Who and smashing guitars during a show will not be covered under a musical instrument coverage benefit provided by an event insurance plan from CCW.

Free Musical Instrument Insurance Quotes

If you would like to receive a free quote for an event insurance policy which includes musical instrument coverage, please complete the form at the top of this page. Once you have submitted your request an expert event insurance broker from CCW Global will be in touch to further discuss your specific insurance needs.

You can learn more about this process by clicking Our Specialist Insurance Quotes.

Additionally, should you have any remaining questions about the musical instrument insurance coverage available under an event insurance plan, or if you would like to learn about additional types of event insurance coverage, please Contact CCW Global Today.

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