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Motor Bike Insurance Plans in Hong Kong

The minimum legal requirement according to the Hong Kong Motor Vehicles Insurance (Third Party Risks) Ordinance is to cover your legal liabilities towards third parties with respect to injury or death.  However, most insurers in Hong Kong do not provide insurance covering you only in the event of injury or death caused to a third party, and Third Party motor insurance policies in Hong Kong will almost always include cover for damage to third party property (“Section (II) Insurance”).

This means that in the event that you become legally liable for injury or death to a third party, or damage to third party property as a result of a motor  accident for which you are found at fault in a court of law, your Third Party motor insurance will cover you up to the policy limits. 

Third Party Coverage for Motorbikes

The standard limits of indemnity provided under most private Third Party motorcycle insurance policies are as follows:

Section (II) Insurance:

Third Party Death or Bodily Injury: HK$100,000,000 (set by the government)

Damage to Third Party Property: HK$750,000

Motorbike Deductibles and Excesses

With any type of motor insurance in Hong Kong, an excess (or ‘deductible’) is usually applied, and depends on who is riding the vehicle at the time of the accident.  The excess is the amount payable by the policy holder in the event of a claim before the insurance ‘kicks in’’.  For example, should you be found legally at fault for a motor accident, and a third Party was involved sustaining damage to their vehicle, the claimable amount may break down as follows:

Cost of repairs to third party property: HK$40,000

Excess payable by you as the policy holder: HK$5000

Amount claimable under your third party insurance: HK$35,000

Please note that the above figures are intended as an example only, and that the actual deductible included in your motorbike insurance plan may be different. An additional excess is often applied if the person riding the bike at the time of an accident (subject to them holding a valid Hong Kong bike license and having your permission as owner) is not a Named Driver on your policy (they are an Unnamed Driver), and if they are a Young and/ or Inexperienced Driver.

There is usually no excess applicable in the event of a claim for injury or death to a third party.

Motor Bike No Claims Discounts

In Hong Kong, No Claims Discount for motorcycle policies is earned as follows:

One full claim free year:  10% NCD is applied to your premium for the following year

Two full claim-free years:  20% NCD

Three or more full claim-free years of insurance: The maximum of 30%

Free Motorbike Insurance Quotes in Hong Kong

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