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Biorna Quantics brings a radical new wave of wellness and performance technologies to Asia-Pacific. Our truly individual-specific approach is for knowledge-hungry persons, families, and athletes wanting the world’s best available cutting-edge methodologies and science to become optimal in their endeavors and wellbeing.

Through a range of easy-to-do laboratory tests, technology for daily measures, a bespoke meal delivery system, consultations and workshops, we will personalise your diet, lifestyle and exercise programming to suit you—the unique you. We enable you to seek out and realize an optimal you, and also better inform you and your family’s most important life decisions.

Founder Dr Justin P Gregory, MSc(Oxon), DPhil, has spent the last decade identifying the best cutting-edge technologies informed by rigorous scientific research, to give you the world’s most innovative DNA, hormonal, antibody, and metabolic proprietary testing kits, nutritional analysis and design, and pioneering stress management technologies—all of which can optionally be done from within the comfort of your own home. In addition to the world’s finest pharmaceutical-grade supplements, we offer meals prepared by Hong Kong’s most experienced health-focused chefs with macronutrient ratios that are optimal for the unique you, delivered to your door.

Struggling to attain a better sense of wellbeing, balance, and focus in your work life? Having difficulty acquiring that better body composition, or not ever quite reaching your fitness or sporting goals? Tired of the entrapment within a seemingly endless trial and error process—a victim to the latest one-plan-suits-all fad of your trainer, nutritionist, and health practitioner? Our mission is to help and educate. More and more the latest scientific research identifies persons as having drastically different nutritional, metabolic, and exercise requirements and predispositions—one size does not suit all. We invite you to embrace a new world of technology and understanding—join our individual-specific revolution!

Our approach is truly pioneering—our wellness and performance toolkit is more individual-specific than has ever previously been assembled. It takes into account multiple levels of explanation of the genetic, physiological, morphological, and psychological entity that makes you the unique person with your unique capabilities. Our revolutionary approach and technologies explore pathways to discover the optimal you on several levels of explanation: Genetic Blueprint, Metabolic Environment, and Quantitative Psycho-Physiological.

Given the revolutionary nature of our testing and management technologies, and the quality of our self-explanatory reports, all of the above can be utilized by you at home, or with expert consultation in our offices. See our website for details of our comprehensive wellness and performance membership packages, education workshops, talks, and more.

Be optimal. Know yourself. Empower your life.

Learn more by visiting Biorna Quantics today!


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