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12 February 2014

Cooper Claridge-Ware and MoneyHero.com.hk Announce Partnership

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Cooper Claridge-Ware Limited (CCW), a leading Hong Kong insurance brokerage, and MoneyHero.com.hk, a dedicated price comparison portal, have today announced the finalization of a partnership agreement between the two organizations.

MoneyHero.com.hk is a new Hong Kong price comparison site, which enables consumers to compare a range of options within the Credit Card, Loan, Retail Banking Deposits, Broadband Internet and Insurance markets. By offering comprehensive comparisons of financial services offerings and internet options in Hong Kong, MoneyHero is designed to help Hong Kong consumers save money and time, whilst finding the products and services they require.

Cooper Claridge-Ware will be working with MoneyHero to provide extensive support to the portal’s Hong Kong Insurance offerings. CCW will accomplish this by supporting MoneyHero customers who are interested in purchasing a range of comprehensive Hong Kong insurance products including coverage options for Home Insurance, Maid Insurance, Health Insurance, and Personal Accident Insurance.

This allows MoneyHero to leverage the extensive expertise and understanding of the Hong Kong insurance market possessed by CCW, whilst enabling CCW to provide in-depth support to MoneyHero customers.

Michael Lamb, Marketing Director for Cooper Claridge-Ware, said of the partnership, "The CCW team is delighted to be working with MoneyHero to help their customers simplify the process of obtaining quality insurance products in Hong Kong. MoneyHero offers a significant innovation within the Hong Kong comparison market, and CCW is thrilled to be working with such a promising organization."

Alister Musgrave and Maximilian Springer for MoneyHero continued this by stating, "We strive to provide transparency and help people choose the right insurance products. While our website is of paramount importance to this mission, the human element remains integral to the service experience we want to offer. CCW have a great team of advisors providing a first class experience to our customers. We’re confident that this dedication to great service will pay off."

Customers wishing to compare a range of Hong Kong insurance products can do so by visiting MoneyHero.com.hk for more information.

About Cooper Claridge-Ware

Cooper Claridge-Ware is a Hong Kong headquartered insurance brokerage offering a range of global health insurance and international life insurance options to customers in Hong Kong and throughout the world. With more than 60 years’ experience within the Hong Kong insurance market, CCW specialises in a range of general insurance and specialist risk products locally.

About MoneyHero

MoneyHero.com.hk is a Hong Kong price comparison site designed to help consumers save money and time by giving a comprehensive overview of all the available options for Credit Cards, Home Loans, Insurance plans, Broadband Internet options and Retail Banking services. Offering customizable tables and in-depth guides, MoneyHero is a one-stop solution for Hong Kong price comparison needs.

To view the orginial press release please click Cooper Claridge-Ware and MoneyHero.com.hk Announce Partnership.

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