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03 September 2014

CCW Global and Nutrition Nation HK Announce Partnership

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CCW Global Limited and Nutrition Nation HK have today announced formation of a partnership intended to help Hong Kong consumers access higher quality resources and support in relation to lifestyle and healthcare issues.

CCW Global, a leading bespoke health insurance broker, and Nutrition Nation HK, a premier nutritionist adviser and lifestyle educator, have teamed up to provide higher levels of support and education for a wide range of diverse health and dietary concerns.

Speaking on the partnership announcement CCW Global CEO, Michael Lamb, stated “CCW was looking for a quality lifestyle and nutritionist provider to help educate our customers on the wide range of issues they face in maintaining their bodies and health; Nutrition Nation offers a wealth of complementary services which have significant benefits for health insurance clients.”

Nutrition Nation HK will provide CCW Global customers with in-depth insights into their most common health and lifestyle concerns; analysis of the health benefits of different types of food, insights into common bacteria and environmental factors that can directly impact lifestyle issues, and healthy custom recipes are some of the services that Nutrition Nation will be offering to the CCW Global community.

Dilal Ranasinghe, Co-Founder at Nutrition Nation, said “We are very pleased to be associated with such a unique, dynamic and customer orientated insurance platform. At Nutrition Nation, our goal is to educate all generations of individuals from children to mature adults on every aspect of food, nutrition and lifestyle - creating 'a balanced nation.”

CCW Global will offer Nutrition Nation subscribers updated news and investigations into the emergence of wellness trends in the Hong Kong insurance market; including the innovations related to health insurance no-claims-bonus, underwriter sponsored wellness schemes, and the financial benefits of ensuring a healthy workforce.

Mr. Lamb further stated of the partnership “Nutrition Nation’s customer focused approach, and the innovation they are providing to Hong Kong consumers in the form of their expansive service offerings, makes them the perfect partner for CCW Global… We are excited to be working with a quality provider.”

About CCW Global
CCW Global is a bespoke international insurance broker headquartered in Hong Kong. The company specializes in iPMI and Business Insurance lines.

About Nutrition Nation
Nutrition Nation is a dedicated Lifestyle and Food-Education resource, offering a wide range of multi-level services to consumers in Hong Kong.

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