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22 December 2016

Ask.CCW-Global.com Launches; Empowers Global Insurance Education

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CCW Global Limited, a leading international insurance brokerage headquartered in Hong Kong, has today announced the launch of Ask.CCW-Global.com (ASK-CCW); an international platform designed to empower and facilitate global insurance consumer’s education in respect of product concerns.

Available on HK.CCW-Global.com, CCW-Global.com, and Ask.CCW-Global.com, the ASK-CCW system will enable insurance customers to ask questions, and receive in-depth and expansive answers on a range of global insurance products; from international health insurance plans through to global event and business insurance policies, the platform has been created as a centralized database for industry interaction.

With the multi-tiered structure of CCW Global’s website, customers can supplement the already extensive educational resources available for both local and international coverage concerns by engaging with the broker via digital channels, which will provide rapid and concise explanations on all global insurance products and issues for business lines which the offered by the company.

Michael Lamb, CEO for CCW, commented on the system, “To date much of the socially generated information on insurance throughout the wider internet landscape has been provided by non-industry experts, or by industry workers who have not expressly disclosed their interests… As a global insurance broker, working with a wide range of international insurance companies and products, CCW is in the perfect position to offer unbiased and in-depth advice and information on a wide range products, whilst enabling users to understand where the information is coming from in a transparent manner.”

Lamb further went on to state that, “We have created an innovative and flexible platform which will enable multiple levels of engagement; from simply posing questions to CCW’s staff and receiving answers, to voting and commenting on interesting or worthwhile topic threads, it is intended that Ask.CCW-Global.com becomes the global hub for insurance commentary and interaction... While other intermediaries have attempted to create a similar platform there have been significant roadblocks to the full use of those products; road blocks which CCW has overcome.”

ASK-CCW is now live, and is available at http://Ask.ccw-global.com.

About CCW Global Limited

CCW Global Limited is an international insurance brokerage, simplifying insurance issues for individuals, families, and business customers worldwide. Offering a range of comprehensive global health insurance and worldwide business insurance products, CCW works to help clients find the solutions which are best for their specific needs.

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