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Life Insurance Policy Reinstatement in Hong Kong

Life Insurance Policy Reinstatement, also known as Policy Revival, is the ability to bring back, or reinstate a policy which has previously lapsed. In essence, this brings a dead policy back to life.

Whilst reinstatement can happen at any time through mutual consent between the policyholder and the insurance company, a policy reinstatement benefit ensures that the policyholder has the right to revive a lapsed policy under specific provisions.

How Does Life Insurance Reinstatement Work?

In the event that a lapsed Hong Kong Life Insurance policy contains a Reinstatement benefit the policyholder can revive the plan and continue receiving coverage.

This is possible as long as the policyholder exercises his right of reinstatement within a specific time period, normally within 5 years of the lapse, and can only be applied in the event of a lapse and not surrender. Furthermore, a number of conditions may be imposed by the insurance company including:

If the policyholder can satisfy all the relevant requirements, the policy may be brought back into force under the same conditions as it provided at purchase.

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