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AIG Insurance in Hong Kong from CCW

AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited, formerly Chartis Insurance Hong Kong Limited, offers a wide range of comprehensive insurance products to individuals, families, and businesses in Hong Kong.

With more than 80 years of experience in helping more than 88 million customers around the world find the very best personal protection plans, AIG in Hong Kong is able to draw on the extensive expertise of AIG International and offer innovative and flexible coverage options to consumers large and small.

Operating under the principle that no risk is too big and no risk is too small, AIG aims to ensure that all policyholders have the best protection possible, and achieves this by taking an integrated and holistic approach to the creation of unique and bespoke risk management and insurance products.

Comprehensive Protection with AIG Hong Kong

AIG International, and AIG Hong Kong, has an extensive history of providing high quality protection to customers in Hong Kong and around the world. From simple home and motor insurance protection through to complex environmental and business products, AIG is able to offer flexible solutions to fit the needs of all their customers.

With AIG paying more than US$ 75 million in claims every business day since 2009, and an extensive team of insurance experts to help provide specific localized advice to policyholders requiring help, AIG is in a global position to provide assistance and servicing which cannot be matched by many leading international and Hong Kong based insurance companies.

On top of the intensive assistance AIG is able to provide to policyholders, no matter what sort of coverage the customer has purchased, AIG Hong Kong is committed to the continual development of even better general insurance products. Furthermore, AIG is able to provide tailor-made, bespoke coverage solutions to customers in Hong Kong in the event that no existing products are able to meet the needs of the market.

Put together, AIG’s commitment to its customers will give all policyholders with a plan from this company the assurance they need that their Insurance provider will be there to help them when help is needed.

AIG and CCW Global

CCW Global offers a comprehensive range of high-quality insurance plans from AIG. AIG products we work with are all inclusive, and include coverage for:

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