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Hong Kong Health Insurance Articles

CCW Global Insurance Brokers has created a number of in-depth resources and articles to help you understand the issues revolving around health insurance in Hong Kong. We will be continually updating this page with content which provides extensive analysis and investigates all the core concerns in relation to your coverage needs in Asia's world city.

Traditional Chinese Medicine in Health Insurance

Published on: 19 April 2022 by Michael Lamb

In the fight against Covid-19, an unusual and unexpected hero may be emerging – Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to a recently released report by the World Health Organization, Traditional Chinese Medicine has been found to be clinically relevant to treating mild-to-moderate cases of the virus. Following this news came the revelation that Hong Kong may be poised to become a global hub for Traditional Chinese Medical services.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, has long been a critical component of Hong Kong’s healthcare system and a normal part of life for many of the city’s residents. It is even a common, but overlooked benefit on many Hong Kong and International Health Insurance plans.

Accidents at Home

Published on: 6 April 2022 by Michael Lamb

As society is firmly ensconced in the work from home era, many people may erroneously assume that they are safe and secure both living and working from the comfort of their own home. However, according to studies, you’re actually more likely to experience a serious accident at home over any other location!

In fact, even before looking at risks like fire, theft, and flood, your home contains myriad risks which could impact your health and safety. With more time being spent at home now than ever before it is important that Hong Kong residents take the necessary steps to protect themselves, and their wallets, from any costly emergency situation.

What do you need to know about Maternity Insurance?

Published on: 30 March 2022 by Michael Lamb

Even with its simplest forms of coverage, Insurance can be hard to understand; and Health Insurance is often anything but simple. While many people have good health insurance protection, not many policyholders fully understand the ins-and-outs of their coverage.

This is especially true concerning health insurance plans offering a Maternity coverage benefit.

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