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Hong Kong Health Insurance Articles

CCW Global Insurance Brokers has created a number of in-depth resources and articles to help you understand the issues revolving around health insurance in Hong Kong. We will be continually updating this page with content which provides extensive analysis and investigates all the core concerns in relation to your coverage needs in Asia's world city.

How do you ensure your health insurance has the right benefits?

Published on: 30 June 2020 by Michael Lamb

When purchasing a health insurance plan most people want to ensure that they are going to be able to get the most possible coverage out of their policy. Unfortunately, the sheer number of coverage options, individual policy choices, and even the underwriter mean that understanding exactly what it is that you’re purchasing can be difficult.

If you choose to use a broker, like CCW Global, for your health insurance then we will walk you through all the ins-and-outs of your policy options before you purchase it. But its always a good idea to know more about your plan and how your selections and customization choices can impact the utility of the policy down the road.

So you’re pregnant and looking for maternity insurance. Now what?

Published on: 23 June 2020 by Michael Lamb

One of the most common questions CCW Global receives in relation to health insurance is whether a woman can obtain maternity insurance if she is already pregnant.

Given that the costs of having a baby through Hong Kong’s private medical system can easily exceed HK$150,000 (US$19,350) there is obvious concern about maternity insurance for many families in the city. This is not to disparage the government run hospitals and clinics, like the Queen Mary, where the cost of having a baby can be as low as HK$45,000 (US$5,800). However, there are issues with the public facilities that are not experienced at private institutions, like the Matilda or Sanatorium hospitals, which leads many families to choose the convenience, comfort, and price tag of a birth at a private hospital.

5 things to consider when choosing health insurance

Published on: 9 June 2020 by Michael Lamb

There is a lot going on in the world right now, which makes planning for the future pretty tough. Many people are considering their long-term options for their employment and family, and may even be actively considering relocation away from Hong Kong.

With this in mind, it is important to understand that any health insurance choices you make today could have an impact on your ability to effectively utilize the coverage offered under the policy. As such, here are our top 5 pieces of advice to consider when choosing a health insurance product.

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