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Hong Kong Health Insurance Articles

CCW Global Insurance Brokers has created a number of in-depth resources and articles to help you understand the issues revolving around health insurance in Hong Kong. We will be continually updating this page with content which provides extensive analysis and investigates all the core concerns in relation to your coverage needs in Asia's world city.

What is the right coverage for your kids?

Published on: 2 June 2021 by Michael Lamb

As parents we want to ensure that our children have access to the very best that we can offer them. From education to entertainment, when you are a parent, your child is often the priority; you want to give them everything you can. It is no different when it comes to protecting your children. Ensuring that they are safe and secure, happy and healthy, means the difference between a good sleep or worrying all night.

Insurance is able to help you ensure that your children have the protection they need, when they need it – giving you the peace-of-mind to sleep soundly at night.

How do the Covid-19 Vaccines work?

Published on: 6 January 2021 by Michael Lamb

With the news that the Hong Kong government has secured 7.5 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to be available by the middle of next year it finally feels like the beginning of the end of to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, with all the news surrounding the vaccine there are many people who may be, understandably, concerned about both its efficacy and methods of operation. From concerns about vaccines causing Autism (which are not scientifically grounded), to the spurious claims that “Bill Gates” has included microchips in them, there is a lot of noise out there regarding the Covid-19 Coronavirus vaccine.

Consider protecting your life as a New Year’s Resolution

Published on: 29 December 2020 by Michael Lamb

With the New Year fast approaching many of us are eager to leave 2020 as a mere memory. Let’s face it, the last 12 months have been tough, all things considered. With the start of 2021 people all over the world are hoping for a better year next year – with a Covid-19 vaccine currently being distributed worldwide, and the social unrest which has plagued Hong Kong (for the most part) starting to calm down, there are signs that the New Year will, indeed, be better than the last.

This is traditionally the time of year when families get together and celebrate the season with each other. While the Covid-19 Coronavirus, and its mutant variants, have disrupted the traditional celebrations of the winter season, the fact that we use this time of year to look forward has not. As such, Christmas and the New Year are typically the time when most people take stock of their lives and the risks that they are going to face in the coming 12 months.

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