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Hong Kong Health Insurance Plans

While Hong Kong has one of the world’s highest quality public healthcare systems, which is accessible by residents for a relatively low cost (and even a discount if you pay with your Octopus card!), the system is increasingly being overburdened by an ageing population and increased immigration from Mainland China. This means that it can be increasingly difficult to access public healthcare services without being encumbered by extensive bureaucratic red-tape and excessive waiting times; but the system exists and many Hong Kong residents find the services sufficient for their needs.  

In the event that you would like to use Hong Kong’s private hospitals it is important to understand that the city has some of the highest private medical costs in the world – second only to the USA and Israel. Additionally, many of Hong Kong’s best doctors work exclusively within the private healthcare sector, meaning that their services will often carry a hefty fee.

If you would like to use private medical facilities and services in Hong Kong CCW strongly recommends that you consider the purchase of a Hong Kong Health Insurance policy to ensure that you are not stuck with expensive medical bills after your treatment.

Purchasing a Hong Kong health insurance plan is not mandatory, but can help to alleviate a large part of the burden of your healthcare costs in the event that you need treatment, and can remove the stress of knowing whether you are getting the best care possible.

Types of Hong Kong Health Insurance Plans

CCW Global can provide Hong Kong medical insurance plans which cater to a wide range of specific needs. Types of plans which we specialize in providing include:

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It should be noted that CCW Global can also offer both Local and International health insurance options to residents and organizations in HKSAR. There are a number of significant differences between local and international policy variants, which may impact you depending on your specific needs and requirements. To understand the differences between these two health insurance variants please click Local and International Hong Kong Health Insurance.

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