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Home Insurance Premiums in Hong Kong

When you choose CCW Global as your insurance broker we will contact a number of different insurers to find Home Insurance solutions which meet your specific requirements. Once we have identified a number of optimal solutions for your Home insurance coverage in Hong Kong we will present these to you in an easy comparison table, enabling you to quickly identify the differences between the various options available.

One of the major differences which will be readily apparent is in regard to the premiums, or cost, of the various plans on offer. Because CCW works with a number of leading Hong Kong Insurance Companies, and because each of those companies will have their own underwriting methods for Home policies, the premiums between plans can vary greatly.

To help you understand the basics of calculating a Home Insurance premium in Hong Kong we have provided some clarification on the important premium variables below. Please note that while all the insurance companies we work with may use each variable in a Home Insurance premium calculation, the weighting of each variable may be slightly different between providers leading to differing premium values for the same policy from different insurance companies.

Home Contents Insurance Plan Premiums

Home Contents Insurance is, as mentioned elsewhere on this site, designed to protect your household possessions against loss, theft, or accidental damage.

When calculating the premium of your Home Contents insurance policy Hong Kong insurance companies will typically look at the following variables:

  • Your home address
  • The size of the property in Square Feet
  • The year the property was built
  • The total monetary value of your household contents in the event of total loss
  • A description and value for all items to be covered on an individual/named basis under the policy (watches, jewellery, artwork, precious metals and stones, musical instruments, etc.)
  • A description and value for items to be covered outside of the home on a worldwide basis
  • Details of any previous losses or claims history under a Home Insurance Policy in Hong Kong

When requesting a Home Contents insurance Quote it is important that you supply all the relevant information as accurately as possible. Providing incomplete information, or not providing the information under a certain field (such as the size of your home) may lead to a quotation which is not accurate for your Home Contents policy.

For more information about this type of coverage please click Home Contents Insurance in Hong Kong.

Fire Insurance Plan Premiums

When calculating a fire insurance premium in Hong Kong, insurance companies will normally request the following information:

  • The nature of the insured property, whether a family home, business warehouse, etc.
  • The sum insured of the property; the replacement value and rebuilding cost
  • The location of the insured property
  • Security Arrangements for the physical structure of the property
  • The age of the building, if building cover is taken.

If you are requesting a quotation for a Hong Kong Fire Insurance plan it is important that you provide all the requested details as accurately as possible. Failure to disclose a specific variable or providing misleading information will result in a quotation which is incorrect.

For more information about this type of coverage please click Fire Insurance in Hong Kong.

Free Hong Kong Home Insurance Quotes

If you would like to receive a free quote for a Home Contents Insurance or Fire Insurance plan in Hong Kong, simply complete the short form at the top of this page and select Home Insurance from the menu. Once we have received your quotation request an expert Hong Kong Insurance Broker will contact you to discuss your options, and will provide you with an extensive comparison overview of all the leading plans best suited to meet your specific requirements.

For more information about the quotations which CCW Global is able to offer for Home and Fire Insurance policies please click Our Home and Fire Insurance Quotes.

You can also get more clarification about Home Insurance premium calculations, the coverage available under these policies, and the insurance companies offering Home cover, by Contacting a CCW Advisor Today.


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