Hong Kong Home Insurance Claims

Claims made under a Hong Kong Home Insurance or Fire Insurance policy will be quickly and efficiently processed when you choose CCW Global as your Hong Kong Insurance Broker.

Understanding how to make a claim on your Home Contents or Fire Insurance plan in Hong Kong is an important first step in ensuring that you will be able to make the most of your coverage.

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Home Contents Insurance Claims in Hong Kong

Most insurers will require receipts of valuations for valuable items, although usually not for all your home contents.

However, in the event of a claim evidence must be provided of ownership and value, and we would recommend that you take photographs, and keep credit card receipts as supporting claims documents. For electrical and electronic items it may be easier to process as these may simply be replaced by the same model (if available). However, for special items, such as an Engagement Ring, you should keep the receipt, and we would also advise that you obtain updated HK dollar valuations from time to time as it is possible for such items to increase in value over time. It is always best to keep original receipts and valuations safely on file.

Claims settlement under Home Contents insurance packages in Hong Kong is usually replacement as new, repair or reinstatement; or if these are not possible or if you prefer, a cash settlement may be made. If a cash settlement is made this will only be up to the depreciated value of the item (the second-hand value of the item).

Most home insurance packages will apply an excess (or ‘deductible’) in the event of a claim, and these may vary depending on the item claimed and the nature of the loss or damage.

In order to proceed with a Home Contents insurance claim in Hong Kong, simply complete the appropriate claims form for your provider and send that back to the insurance company along with a police report noting the loss, and sales receipts from the original purchase of the lost or damaged item.

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Fire Insurance Claims in Hong Kong

Fire insurance claims will work in much the same manner as a Home Contents insurance policy claim.

In the event of damage to the physical structure of your property you will need to inform the insurance company as soon after the incident as you are able. Once you have notified the insurance company of a fire (or typhoon, or flood) which has damaged your property the insurer will then usually nominate a surveyor to investigate the extent of the loss.

While the surveyor is completing their inspection, you will have to complete the relevant claims paperwork and obtain a police report in relation to the incident. Both the police report and the claims paperwork should be submitted to the insurance company as soon as possible, along with any pictures you may possess of the property in its previous condition before the claimable event occurred.

These documents (the police report, claims paperwork, and photographs) will be used by the insurer, along with the surveyor’s report, to identify the total extent of the damage and the reimbursement available under the policy.

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Home Insurance Claims Assistance with CCW

When you choose CCW Global as your Hong Kong Insurance broker we will help to assist you in the speedy settlement of all Home Contents and Fire Insurance claims you may submit.

Our dedicated claims department has extensive relationships and contacts with the claims departments at all the leading Hong Kong Insurance Companies, which allows us to quickly identify any problems and solve them as soon as they arise.

Giving you hands on assistance, and keeping you constantly updated about the progress of your Home Insurance Claim, the CCW claims department will help you to get the most out of your Hong Kong Home Contents and Fire Insurance policy.

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