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Hong Kong Health Insurance Articles

CCW Global Insurance Brokers has created a number of in-depth resources and articles to help you understand the issues revolving around health insurance in Hong Kong. We will be continually updating this page with content which provides extensive analysis and investigates all the core concerns in relation to your coverage needs in Asia's world city.

Hong Kong Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme

Published on: 16 December 2014 by Michael Lamb

On Monday December 15th 2014 the Hong Kong Government announced the launch of a public consultation on a long-debated scheme which would push the city’s medical patients into the private healthcare system through the purchase of voluntary health insurance coverage.

Under the voluntary health insurance scheme, as revealed by the SCMP, the Hong Kong government would provide an estimated HK$ 4.5 billion per year in subsidies and tax breaks towards the creation of domestic health insurance protection which would offer standardized medical coverage; meeting 12 pre-determined coverage criteria as well as including pre-existing medical condition protection.

Hong Kong’s Private Hospitals Facing Pricing Disclosures

Published on: 25 July 2014 by Michael Lamb

In the latest instalment of Hong Kong’s continuing effort to reform the city’s healthcare system a government proposal has been submitted which would require private medical institutions to disclose the costs of common treatments to the general public, allowing patients to properly budget for their healthcare.

As the latest episode of a discussion which has been ongoing since January, private medical institutions in Hong Kong would no longer be able to treat pricing data as “trade secrets” and would require private sector medical providers to disclose a majority of their charges with steep penalties being proposed for facilities which fail to comply with transparency requests.

Waiting List for Specialist Care in Hong Kong’s Public System Over 100 Weeks

Published on: 24 April 2014 by Michael Lamb

The waiting time to see a specialist doctor in Hong Kong’s public healthcare system is now over 100 weeks in some specialist outpatient clinics, according to report published by the South China Morning Post.

CCW Global previously noted the excessive waiting period’s present within Hong Kong’s government run healthcare services in our July 2013 article Is Health Insurance Right For You? where we illustrated the current expected waiting periods for a range of publically funded specialist services. In that article we listed Plastic Surgery as the speciality medical service which had the longest waiting time (108 weeks), with FM Triage and Psychosomatic Clinics having the shortest average waiting time (1 week each).

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