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Get all the information you need about business insurance products in Hong Kong with our in-depth articles on the comprehensive range of business insurance offerings in Asia's World City.  From the legal regulations around Employee's Compensation Insurance, through to coverage options for Professional Indemnity and D&O Products, CCW Global gives you the extensive insights you need to understand the complicated corporate risk landscape in HKSAR.

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A Cyber Insurance Update; No Longer Optional

Published on: 2 December 2015 by Michael Lamb

CCW Global has been a strong supporter of comprehensive business insurance solutions since we opened for business in 2012. As part of this we work to offer extensive advice on insurance products which may not be completely understood by companies in Hong Kong and around the greater APAC region – including coverages such as Professional Indemnity Protection, Directors and Officers Insurance, and Trade Credit Risks.

Cyber Insurance

The Growing Threat of Cyber-Attacks

Published on: 17 June 2015 by Romil Motwani

Digital Attack insurance securitySony, The White House, The IRS, NASA, JPMorgan, VISA and Yahoo! This may just seem like a random list of corporations and organizations but in fact, these are just a few of the institutions who have been affected by cyber-attacks since 2013.

A cyber-attack targets computer information systems and networks to steal, alter or destroy data by hacking their system. Ever since the first worm was discovered in the late 80’s, cyber-attacks have become an increasing issue in the technology world. Invasions can take on many forms, whether through Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), Trojans, Worms or Viruses, and it is important to understand the risks of not protecting yourself from such attacks.

The Hong Kong Startup and Small Business Insurance Guide

Published on: 19 November 2014 by Michael Lamb

Startup and SME insurance in Hong KongHong Kong, ranked consistently at the top of the Heritage Foundation’s list for Freest Economies and placing in the top 10 for Business Insider’s “Easiest Cities to do Business,” is one of the world’s most vibrant and prosperous locations for start-up companies and small businesses to set up shop. For businesses and companies looking to trade into China, or for organizations that want to access the greater Asia-Pacific region whilst taking advantage of a low-tax base and world class transportation infrastructure, Hong Kong offers a wealth of opportunities matched by few other locations on earth.

Because of the city’s many advantages increasing numbers of businesses are being founded in the SAR each year; some started by expatriates and international investment, but a large majority of which are locally born institutions benefiting from Hong Kong’s increasingly friendly outlook on incubating start-up industries. From IT and High Technology firms, through to the service providers and financial companies that have made Hong Kong world-famous, it is a simple fact that Hong Kong is currently experiencing something of a renaissance when it comes to the number of business calling the city home.

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