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Specialist Insurance Risks in Hong Kong

Published on: 10 June 2022 by Michael Lamb

If you’ve purchased insurance then you’ll likely be familiar with some of the more common products like health insurance, car insurance, or travel insurance. Outside of the more routine, every-day risks covered by these products are a range of perils which require specialist insurance protection.

From the issues surrounding a event (like a wedding or music concert), through to insuring valuable collections above the terms offered by a traditional contents policy, there are times when it may be worth considering obtaining the right form of Specialist Insurance in Hong Kong.

Here are some of the most common types of Specialist Insurance offered by CCW Global in Hong Kong.

Event Insurance

The need for event insurance often arises when a venue you have decided to book asks for public liability protection as part of their hiring contract.

Whether it is a wedding venue, a space for a concert or comedy show, or even a trade fair (with attached conference), many venues will require that an event organizer obtain comprehensive Third Party (Public) Liability Insurance. All event insurance plans will start with public liability cover at their core. However, depending on the type of event you are organizing, additional coverages may be suitable to fully ensure that you are protected against any and all risks you could face.

Event Insurance is inherently flexible simply due to the fact that no two events are exactly alike – this gives you a large amount of control to decide how you want to set up your policy, making event a truly specialist product.

Event Cancelation Protection

One of the most concerning and stressful aspects of hosting any event is the worry that it will be cancelled due to circumstances beyond your control. Fortunately, there is insurance for that and many event insurance policies will offer a cancellation coverage benefit.

If the event is indoor, then weather cancellation protection is often included standard under the coverage. This means that, should your event be forced to cancel due to a T-8 signal or a black rainstorm warning, you are protected from losing irrecoverable expenses made, or due, for the organization of the event. If you would like coverage against the threat of a weather cancelation but are holding your event outdoors, then additional protection is available through the addition of a standalone weather cancelation coverage benefit.

Further to this, you can even opt to insure the cancelation of the event should a key participant fail to appear. Non-Appearance insurance can normally be added to most event insurance policies and ensures that you are covered should you be forced to cancel the affair because a special attendee didn’t show up.

Extended Event Insurance Risks

As no two events are exactly the same, when it comes to event insurance protection you have a large amount of control with regards to the benefits that are included in your policy. If you simply wish to satisfy your venue requirements and obtain the required liability protection then that is certainly your right.

However, the coverage afforded under an event insurance policy can actually be extremely extensive with benefits for:

This gives you a huge amount of flexibility and ensures that even if you are a bride on your wedding day that you’re not going to be worrying about the whole thing getting called off.

Athlete Insurance Protection

If you’re an athlete then you may have discovered that your health insurance options are limited. This is due to the simple fact that, as an athlete, you’re more likely to suffer a serious accident or injury than someone who sits on the couch all day.

Yes, your long-term health is going to be vastly improved over the couch potato, but in the short term you’re probably going to visiting the doctor or physiotherapist far more frequently. This makes many health insurance companies wary of providing coverage to professional or semi-professional athletes. Having said this, CCW Global is able to offer comprehensive Sports insurance coverage to athletes, coaches, and teams in Hong Kong and across Asia.

Available Sports insurance products include

Sports insurance options can be obtained through leading sports specialists, and allow for all the risks an athlete will face on-and-off the field to be completely covered.

Art and Collections Insurance

Many people have collections, and some of those collections are actually fairly valuable.

Whether you’re an individual collecting Magic the Gathering cards and have an Alpha Black Lotus you’d like to protect, or you have assembled a number of highly valuable and rare agar wood carvings, or even if you’re a business investing profits into a Picasso, sometimes the standard options for content insurance just won’t work.

Just like no two events are ever going to be exactly the same, no two collections will be identical. In some cases, an owner may want to display their valuables, and in others they may want them stored safely away to simply grow in value. This is before we even get into considering Art Galleries and Museums, which are businesses with valuable collections on view to the general public!

Art and Collections Insurance options are almost endless, and can be applied to collections of any sort – from classic cars to cigars – and any type of collector.

Many of these policies will allow for worldwide all risks coverage of your art and valuables, and will even assist you with arranging shipments overseas if you decide to relocate.

Specialist Insurance Consultations in Hong Kong

These are just a few of the many different types of specialist insurance products CCW Global is able to work with in Hong Kong, which in turn are just a selection of the many diverse lines of insurance we can advise on.

CCW Global is an expert intendent insurance broker with over a decade of experience in assisting customers find the coverage solutions which best meet their specific needs. If you would like to discuss your Hong Kong insurance options with an expert insurance broker, of if you would like to learn which specialist insurance products may be meet your requirements, please Contact Us Today.

Author: Michael Lamb

Michael Lamb is an insurance industry professional with many years of experience within the Hong Kong Insurance market. Focusing on APAC coverage issues, Michael is able to provide extensive analysis and insight to a range of pressing topics. Previously, Michael provided insurance broker with their most highly valued articles and was a key influence in the development of all the content on, Michael has a passion for insurance matched by few others in the region.


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