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Hong Kong Specialist Insurance Articles

Get all the information you need about specialist insurance products in Hong Kong with our support page of Art, Event, Yacht, and Kidnap and Ransom insurance articles.  From how to maintain your Wine Collection, through to some of the strangest events being insured (and how that impacts you), our dedicated Hong Kong specialist insurance resource will be continually updated with the information you need to know.

Title Protection Insurance

Published on: 29 June 2021 by Michael Lamb

Living in the modern world we are afforded the benefits and protections that come with modern life. When you buy a computer or a smartphone you expect certain rights to come along with that purchase – that your newly acquired device be free of defect, and that any defects that do exist will be repaired or replaced via a warranty.

However, when it comes to Art, there exists a much murkier situation. While consumer protection laws are in place, it is an unfortunate truth that the art world operates with opacity, and often has ties to nefarious agents, or actors, who are merely using art and collectables as a means to amass a fortune, or facilitate criminal schemes.

What do Art and Cyber Insurance have in common?

Published on: 15 June 2021 by Michael Lamb

Art Insurance and Cyber Insurance are not often mentioned together. This is, perhaps, because of their subject matter; cyber insurance covers against intangible and ethereal threats, while art insurance protects against the loss of extremely tangible, physical, real-world assets.

While both Art and Cyber Insurance are, indeed, types of insurance, and will provide remedy to the policyholder in the event of a loss, for many laypeople that should be the extent of their relationship. However, there is a much more fundamental relationship between these two types of insurance policy, and this connection impacts how, when, and why a person or organization would consider the purchase of either of these two forms of insurance.

Art is back; is yours insured?

Published on: 4 May 2021 by Michael Lamb

French May, Art Basel, Art Central, the K11 Art Mall; after what seems a very long time, some familiar names have finally returned to Hong Kong this month, much to the delight of art lovers and collectors across the city.

From physical art to concerts and showcases a limited degree of normality is appearing; especially when it comes to our event calendar. However, if the last 24 months have taught us anything its that the unexpected can, and will happen. From covid to social unrest, the risks posed by the last 2 years have been wide and varied.

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