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Hong Kong Specialist Insurance Articles

Get all the information you need about specialist insurance products in Hong Kong with our support page of Art, Event, Yacht, and Kidnap and Ransom insurance articles.  From how to maintain your Wine Collection, through to some of the strangest events being insured (and how that impacts you), our dedicated Hong Kong specialist insurance resource will be continually updated with the information you need to know.

Travis Scott, AstroWorld Festival, and Contingency Insurance

Published on: 17 November 2021 by Michael Lamb

On November 5th 2021 Travis Scott’s AstroWorld Festival was due to commence in Houston Texas. The first gate breach of the day occurred shortly after 9am, when attendees breached the main entrance. Over the course of the day  8 more breaches occurred creating a crowd surge that led to at least 9 deaths.

Previous editions of the AstroWorld Festival were, according to police, out of control and law enforcement was worried about a similar situation occurring at this year’s show. Some media reports are even going so far as to say that officials even requested that Travis Scott consider postponing the event due to the existing crowd situation.

Woodstock 99: A case for contingency insurance

Published on: 5 August 2021 by Michael Lamb

Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage is a recent documentary released by HBO chronicling what happened at that ill-fated concert July 22nd to 25th 1999. If it is anything, this documentary is a great example as to why contingency insurance is so valuable for event organizers.

From liability concerns, to entrusted property and even personal accident and injury problems, there was a lot going on at this concert. Consequently, Woodstock 1999 is a great example to use as a case study on why contingency insurance is so absolutely imperative for any and all event organizers.

Title Protection Insurance

Published on: 29 June 2021 by Michael Lamb

Living in the modern world we are afforded the benefits and protections that come with modern life. When you buy a computer or a smartphone you expect certain rights to come along with that purchase – that your newly acquired device be free of defect, and that any defects that do exist will be repaired or replaced via a warranty.

However, when it comes to Art, there exists a much murkier situation. While consumer protection laws are in place, it is an unfortunate truth that the art world operates with opacity, and often has ties to nefarious agents, or actors, who are merely using art and collectables as a means to amass a fortune, or facilitate criminal schemes.

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