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Henner Insurance in Hong Kong

Henner has a corporate history which starts in 1937, before the creation of Social Security services, with the creation of The Medical Service by Ernest Duffo. Following the creation of The Medical Service, Ernest Duffo, his family, and business partners created an extensive range of insurance and social protection companies; leading to the establishment of the modern day organizations known as Henner and GMC.

Today, Henner is France’s leading consulting and third party insurance administration group; the company designs and implements social protection schemes which have been tailored to meet the specific needs of its customers. In addition to this, Henner also provides advisory and administration services in relation to employee benefits programs and group insurance coverage.

CCW Global is able to offer high quality Hong Kong Insurance and Global Insurance products from Henner and GMC insurance.

Henner Insurance Coverage in Hong Kong

Since its inception, Henner has been designing and managing innovative and trustworthy insurance solutions for people with various needs.

Offering both comprehensive advisory services to French companies and corporate groups, and providing extensive Third Party Administration services for some of the world’s leading international health insurance plans, Henner is able to provide targeted solutions which have been developed to offer full protection in a world where a diverse range of risks have become a simple fact of life.

As a distinguished specialist in the field of protection and insurance, Henner's vast expertise and knowledge enables it to provide services in six key areas:


With the diverse range of coverage options available from this insurance company, and the extensive history which Henner has in providing some of the best insurance and risk management solutions in France, any individual or company with a Henner GMC insurance plan can feel secure knowing that they are fully protected.

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