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General Insurance Articles, Analysis, and Case Studies

CCW Global Insurance Brokers has created a number of in-depth resources and articles to help you understand the issues revolving around general insurance topics in Hong Kong. We will be continually updating this page with content which provides extensive analysis and investigates all the core concerns in relation to your general insurance coverage needs in Asia's world city.

Be Aware of Insurance Scams in a Covid-19 World

Published on: 26 May 2020 by Michael Lamb

The Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic is scary. Even with life starting to return to normal there is still a large amount of fear and uncertainty about the ongoing situation and the “new normal” posed by the future.

Fundamentally life altering events like the Coronavirus generally spur a demand for insurance as people look to protect themselves from the risks of their new reality. However, with any increase in demand for a product comes the opportunity for unscrupulous actors to take advantage of consumers.

Covid-19 and Insurance Claims Disagreements

Published on: 19 May 2020 by Michael Lamb

In a world experiencing a global pandemic from the Covid-19 Coronavirus, nothing is as simple as it once was. From businesses having to create and implement “work-from-home” contingencies and operational continuity, to individuals trying to figure out how to best provide for their families in a climate of uncertainty, by this point it should be clear that the Covid-19 pandemic is going to fundamentally change all aspects of life in the 21st century.

Insurance is definitely an area that has the potential to be impacted by the Coronavirus. In recent months we’ve explored some of the potential interactions between insurance and the virus, and what these could mean for you:

Hong Kong Life Insurance and the Covid-19 Coronavirus

Published on: 14 April 2020 by Michael Lamb

With the continuing development of the Coronavirus crisis there is growing concern among individuals and companies holding life insurance coverage that a death due to Covid19 may not be a claimable event under the policy.

This is a valid concern.

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