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Event Insurance Photo and Video Protection

CCW Global is able to provide comprehensive photography and videography coverage benefits on our event insurance solutions.

With the possibility to include extensive photo and video coverage benefits on all types of event insurance options policyholders can ensured that they are fully protected against moral damages and indemnity for the full cost of any photo or video supports used during the production.

Including Photo and Video Protection benefits on an event insurance plan may be especially useful for weddingsconcerts and other events where the use of photographs or videos is crucial to the overall success of the production.

Photo and Video Damage Insurance Coverage

A Photo-Video Damage Insurance Benefit on an event insurance plan will ensure that the policyholder is covered for any moral damages which result from the deterioration, disappearance, or destruction of exposed video or photograph supports ordered by the policyholder for their own use, or for the use of their clients.

This means that a Photo-Video Damage benefit will provide coverage for exposed:

  • Films
  • Tracks,
  • Sound or Image reels
  • Video tapes
  • DV
  • Digital Support

Under this type of cover, the supports are insured during shootings, post-production tasks, storage, and up until the final delivery of the supports to the policyholder. It is also possible to obtain coverage for accidental exposure to light for exposed production supports in the form of videos and photographs, ensuring that this coverage benefit is able to provide a level of coverage sufficient for most productions using video and photos.

"All Risks" Positive Damage Cover

If an event organizer would like additional protection for Videos and Photographs under the event insurance policy then they are able to add an “All Risks” Positive coverage benefit to the plan.

Under an “All Risks” Positive damage insurance benefit any damages to films (whether on film or in a digital format), videocassettes, and DVDS, are protected against “all risks.” Should the positives being used by the production suffer any damages then the coverage will provide an indemnity based on the actual value of the multimedia supports being used by the event organizer; no matter whether the supports are owned in whole by the organizer, or if they are being rented for the purposes of the event.

It is important to note that Computer Hard Disks and Zip Disks are not covered under an All Risks Positive coverage benefit. Additionally this coverage does not extend to theft of the positives, or the mysterious disappearance of the same.

If you would like coverage for Computer Hard Disks and Zip Disks under an event insurance plan in Hong Kong you may wish to consider including an Equipment Coverage Benefit, or a Production Office Contents coverage benefit on the policy.

Free Photo and Video Event Insurance Quotes

If you would like to receive a free quote for an event insurance policy which includes Photo and Video coverage, simply complete the short form at the top of this page and select Specialist Insurance from the menu. Once you have completed your quotation request an expert CCW Global Event Insurance broker will contact you directly to further discuss your specific coverage requirements.

You can learn more about the event insurance quotation process used by CCW by clicking Our Specialist Insurance Quotes.

Alternatively, should you have any additional questions about the coverage offered by a Photography and Videography coverage benefit under an Event Insurance Plan in Hong Kong, or if you would like to learn more about the event coverage options provided by CCW Global, please contact us today.

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