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Event Insurance Equipment Plans

CCW Global can provide event insurance plans in Hong Kong, Macau and across the APAC region which will offer extensive coverage for the organizer’s equipment, including technical production apparatus.

Equipment, and the loss or damage of that equipment is always one of the major risks of organizing an event like a concert or large sporting tournament.

Obtaining an Event Insurance policy which provides comprehensive equipment insurance coverage is the perfect way to ensure that, as the event organizer, you will not be left covering any losses stemming from damage to production accessories.

Equipment coverage under a Hong Kong Event Insurance plan can protect your production’s apparatus during warm up activities, whilst it is transport to the event venue, and up until the equipment is handed over after the event is over. This gives you the assurance that you are comprehensively protected against any and all eventualities which may befall expensive equipment used in the production of your event.

Equipment Coverage on Event Insurance

All equipment used in the production and organization of an event can be covered under an Equipment Benefit on a CCW Global Event Insurance policy.

The production equipment covered under the policy will be insured for any accidental damage or destruction, any acts of burglary or theft which may have occurred via threat, deception, or false keys, and any instances of short circuiting and/or overheating/over-voltage problems.

Types of equipment covered under this type of Event Insurance policy Benefit can include:

  • Sound, Projection, Lighting, Filming, Sound Recording, and Broadcasting Apparatus.
  • Generators, Mechanical Devices, Computers and Mobile Studios.
  • Accessories, spare parts, flight cases, covers, for all equipment covered

If the equipment is wholly owned by the organizer then the coverage provided will indemnify the owner the purchase value of the equipment minus a 5% annual depreciation rate for each year after purchase date.

If the organizer is renting the equipment from a production agency or vendor then the coverage will indemnify the policyholder against the real value of the equipment – ensuring that you are fully covered for your liability at the time of rental.

Free Equipment Insurance Quotes for Events

If you would like to receive a free quote for an event insurance plan which includes equipment coverage please complete the short form at the top of this page and select Specialist Insurance  from the menu. Once you have submitted your quotation request and expert CCW Global insurance broker will contact you directly to further discuss your coverage requirements.

You can learn more about our quotation process for event insurance policies by clicking Specialist Insurance Quotations.

Alternatively, should you have any additional questions about the coverage available under event insurance plans in Hong Kong, or you would like to enquire about protecting a specific type of equipment against loss or damage, please Contact Us to speak with an Expert Advisor today.

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